About Us

Rad Mechanic Ahwaz Co. having first grade in Oil and Gas Facilities and Equipments, the second grade in Industry and Mining, and also the second grade in Roads and Traffic, has began its activities under the name of Bahmani Rad Contractor in 1980 with Mohammad Bahmani Rad as the manager. The first awarded project has been manufacturing and installation of two air compressor units in Aghajari Boosters 1 and 3. The project executed and completed in due time and the company received a good performance certificate for its outstanding and on time work. Afterward, the company took part in projects related to oil and gas sectors for oil companies in central parts and south parts of the country.

Since 1991, the organization changed to Rad Mechanic Ahwaz Co. to develop its activities in energy sector with the same board.

Having qualified and experienced executive staffs, the company has also great potential to perform research and assign particular resources to scientific research works.

Our company is honored by executing assigned tasks and completion of projects in the desired timeframe of the client with highest standards.

Supported by a full range of equipments and machinery and highly equipped workshop in addition to experienced executive and engineering staff and more than 25 years of history in a variety of projects, has empowered Rad Mechanic Ahwaz Co. to accomplish the assigned projects with highest quality standards and in the shortest time.Wide range of the company's engineering activities value provoked us to develop


our executive organization to match world standards. To supply the company with special products and parts in oil and gas industry, the company has strengthened and increased its connections with other countries.

In this field, our procurement department is supporting the project managers by supplying all required goods and equipments of a wide range from complicated machines like pumps and compressors to very routine ones like pipes, flanges, fittings and etc.

Rad Mechanic Ahwaz Co. is ready to share its experience and knowledge to support other contractors as well.